Welcome!Please only proceed if you are 18+, otherwise this content is not for you.Zoos/pedos/transphobes/etc. can also get lost please. :o)

• • •Find my pricing and info through the link below!


I am a primarily SFW artist, but I do offer some limited NSFW options!Currently, I am only open to drawing solo NSFW. I cannot do couples/groups.Thank you for checking out my info! If you’re interested in getting a quote (you’re never obligated to commission me, it’s ok to just request pricing!) please see my form here!I cannot work with shaded refs.Prices subject to change.

• • •Please submit any inquiries via my contact form!


- I only draw humanoid/fantasy shaped anatomy. Sorry, I am not willing to be flexible on this as it is my personal comfort zone. I am happy to draw your character with humanoid anatomy though even if they/their ref usually have something different!
- I only do NSFW of anthro characters.
- I allow artistic freedom, however I will need you to give your character’s limits/preferences!
- No discounts currently can be applied to NSFW commissions, aside from any mentioned below. Sorry, this includes Patreon.
I offer $5 off all half/fullbody commissions of women & fem-aligned characters! Genitals have no bearing on this discount - it is for all fem people.I may request age confirmation in some cases, please be aware of this! I will request a photo of your ID with all info except your date of birth covered, along with a specific word to be written alongside it. I do not need your full ID.

• • •


• Solo/Pin-ups
• Cum/blood/piss as fluids. I will not draw piss in the mouth, sorry.
• Mild/moderate gore, hypno, leashes, collars, watersports, bondage, knives (please), other kinks - please ask!
• Any and all genders!
• Non-human genitalia (fantasy anatomy is ok!), I am happy to draw your character with humanoid anatomy though even if they/their ref usually have something different!
• Groups/duos, they are currently beyond my skill and confidence level
• Feral NSFW
• Underage (includes characters who look childlike)
• Scat, emeto, any kinks involving poor hygiene, diapers, vore*
• Hateful content (transphobic, racist, homophobic, etc.)
*My unwillingness to draw certain kinks/ideas is not necessarily me taking a moral stand - it is simply what is within my current comfort zone/skill level!
Please know it is impossible for me to include everything here. Do not be afraid to ask if I’m okay with something! I don’t judge (as long as it’s not pedo/bestiality/etc.) even if it’s not something I personally enjoy. :o) In fact - I’m very happy to draw ‘weird’ ideas!!


A fully colored/shaded refined sketch. Subtract $10 for unshaded. Does not include complex backgrounds, please request a quote for that!Halfbody - $80+
Fullbody - $110+
• • •


A fully colored/lined/shaded piece. Subtract $10 for unshaded. Does not include complex backgrounds, please request a quote for that!Halfbody - $100+
Fullbody - $135+
• • •

Please click through the below gallery for examples and submit any inquiries via my contact form!(Forgive my lack of examples LMAO I am new to this, also I swear I don’t only draw fem characters - peeps just like takin advantage of the little discount I offer for ‘em!)


Extra Character - Not available currently for NSFW commissions.
Alternate Simple Background - +$0-5 for simple patterns/designs (simple alternate color will be $0), complex needs to be discussed and may significantly increase the price.
Prop / Complexity / Wing Charge - +$5-40 (varies depending on details, may not always apply)
“New Character” / No Ref Images - Not available for NSFW commissions. A ref is required. SFW refs are fine as long as you can describe your character’s anatomy!
Expedite - +50% of total, will be max 30 day turnaround. +100% for 2 weeks. Not always available.
Alts - I no longer offer alts that involve line edits (including SFW/NSFW alts) for less than $35 as they take too long, sorry. Recolor or simple alts may be cheaper!
Detailed/Scene Background - starts at +$50

• • •Please submit any inquiries via my contact form!


By commissioning me, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand my TOS. Failure to read my TOS before contacting me regarding commissions is not an excuse and you may be blacklisted.
TOS is subject to change without notice - updates are logged and you are expected to follow the TOS at the time of contact.

• • •Please submit any inquiries via my contact form!


Terms of Service / Sale
The terms of sale set out here apply to goods supplied by Kota Illustration. By continuing with a purchase it is deemed that you have read, understood and agree to these terms and conditions.
• • •• Due to processing fees, full refunds cannot be given if the client is the one to cancel. If I cancel, a full refund will be issued. 90% refunds are available if work has not begun.• Final product will be received digitally within 90 days (unless otherwise specified) of receiving payment. If the commission is not completed within this timeframe, a full refund will be offered. If rejected, an additional 90 days will be allowed for commission completion.• Payment is to be received before work begins. I do not offer payment plans or holds. You must respond within 48 hours if I reach out about a quote. A rough sketch will be provided for approval in most cases, where you can ask for changes. Major changes (such as an entirely new pose) may incur additional costs. Changes after approval of the sketch may add additional fees depending on the complexity, or be refused. I will not make edits related to stylization (e.g.: make something look more “realistic” when my style is clearly more cartoony, use gray shading when I typically use bright colors, etc.)• Please check my Trello queue before asking about the status of a commission. I keep it as up to date as possible, constant requests for updates when the information is always available on my queue will get you blacklisted.• I accept only USD as payment. All payments are done through Square unless it is unavailable in your country. Stripe is available only for these cases. No crypto.• Do not use my art for any AI purposes, even if you commissioned it.• Final product may be reposted by the commissioner only, with credit back to me. Please wait until I have already posted before doing this, or ask first. Do not repost without full credit and the watermark.• Tracing/heavy referencing of my art is not permitted. You may not have another artist “finish” my work.• Commissioner must be 18 years or older, or with permission from a parent/guardian.• Invoice must be paid within 48 hours (unless otherwise agreed upon), otherwise it will be cancelled and you lose your spot.• Once an invoice is sent, you may not ask for additions or change the agreed upon idea. All details must be given up front.• If you or a reference is unclear/lacking details, the “new character” fee may apply. If you attempt to get around this by “testing” new design elements or not mentioning details until the end, I will send additional charges or refuse the edits. If your character reference is shaded, I charge a $25 fee as I am visually impaired and struggle with them. I will not redesign your character on a commission unless it’s a ref sheet and you have paid the new character fee.• If you do not approve WIPs within 72 hours, your commission will be put on hold and my promised turnaround time will no longer apply. If I do not hear from you for 30 days, your commission will be canceled completely and you will receive a 50% refund if it has only reached the sketch stage.• Final product will be sent for approval before being publicly posted. If I do not receive a reply within 7 days, it will be called complete and posted. No refunds are possible after art is completed.• I will not make edits after work is approved.• Refunds cannot be given for physical items. Prints/stickers may not be distributed/sold for profit unless I have given explicit permission. A commercial use fee may apply in this case, unless prints/stickers are purchased through me. Under no circumstances can my art be used for NFT/blockchain/crypto purposes.• A 90% refund will be available if art has not been started at all. Refunds later in the process may be given at a rate of (hours of work done x $35), or not at all depending on how much progress has been made on the piece. Full refunds are not available due to processing fees that are non-refundable, so please be sure you wish to proceed with a commission. A refund will not be possible once the work is completed under any circumstances.• I reserve the right to turn down or refund a commission for any reason.Violation of my TOS will result in you being put on a blacklist where you will not be allowed to commission me again. This list is available to and shared with artist friends and mutuals.-Last Updates:
03/01/2023 - Added refund fee clarification.

07/19/2023 - Added Stripe as payment option, removed PayPal.

• • •Please submit any inquiries via my contact form!


Prices subject to change. Please check my current pricing and review my TOS before contacting me!
Patrons, be aware that Raptor+ discounts cannot be applied to NSFW.
Limited, will close to non-patrons when slots fill.
*If this form says patrons only and you are not one, you may still fill it out for an estimate but I will not take your commission at that moment!

• • •Please include an unshaded ref.
If you do not have a NSFW ref, that is okay! However, please be sure to describe what anatomy your character has, as well as any other necessary details.
If you do not include this (or say “I’ll show you later”), I will not accept your commission.
Requesting a quote is free - you do not have to follow through if it’s out of your budget! :o)